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JOY <3

Dear Person Who Wasted 3 Years of My Life,

There are only so many times a person can promise to be a better friend. It hurts me WAY more than it does you. So, we are no longer good friends. I can not sit around hoping you mean what you say. You've proven that you don't. Talk is cheap, & I'm worth more than that. The worst thing someone can do is lie to me, take me for granted, & disrespect me when I've done everything to deserve nothing but the utmost respect.

I hope "college life" is fun for you. You will never know what it means to work hard for something, & that is precisely why you are unhappy in life. This is YOUR decision, & I accept it. I forgive your ignorance. I forgive your actions. I forgive you. I can make it on my own :)

Here I Go Again..

Girl W/ a Mending Heart

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