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JOY <3

As free as my hair - I swear.

Idk what's been going on with my hair lately, but it's been looking GOOD! The brown & red have really started to fade so I look way more blonde than I used to. It's growing (albeit not as fast as I'd prefer) but I'm 27 & still do not have ONE gray hair. No one can find one anyway, & my roots are visible by a half inch all over my head. I really want to go brown for the winter again but I just need to stick with one colour so my hair will go back to how it was when I lived in NY - long & silky & gorgeous. It's starting to get that way but it falls out a lot more than it used to. Either way, people at work have been saying how pretty I look lately. All I've done is part my hair differently but I guess that makes a huge difference. It could also be bc I haven't had to work with my "evil" boss lately so it's been nothing but fun times & joking around with my "good" bosses. Though I have a feeling "evil" boss will be there today since I haven't seen her in a while

I am already planning for my two month long hike next spring/summer. I will be hiking the PCT from Palm Springs to either the top of California or to Portland, OR. I can't decide. I will probably end my trip at the Bridge of the Gods, but I may make it only a one month trip & end early in the top of CA so I can spend the rest of the summer in LA with friends. We will see :) My main concern is a light pack & to stay warm up in the snow & rain. It shouldn't rain much in CA but it probably will in OR, & I hate being cold & wet Lmto.

I'm excited for the trip bc not only will it be a spiritual & mental journey (to overcome the darkness in my life & to help write my book) but also a physical journey - to become stronger, faster, smarter, to get off soda & sugar, to build up my endurance & muscle. I am so looking forward to it. It will make me a better person & ultimately a better barrel racer in the end :)

Well time to get ready for the day <3

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