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Nov. 25th, 2012

JOY <3


Wish I could be petty & say I'm laughing at finding out how much if a complete loser someone is, but instead I just feel bad for them.

Karma doesn't get you back in this life. It scolds you in the next life you lead. Whatever "happens" to you in this life is just unpaid transgressions towards someone you screwed over in your last life. You're even given second chances to make it up to that soul in your next life if you happen to run across them but I can tell this particular person hasn't grown spiritually at all. She's just as two faced & a liar as she was the day I met her. Her next life is going to be interesting with all the karmic poison she has induced upon herself in this one.

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Nov. 16th, 2012

JOY <3

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Dear Person Who Wasted 3 Years of My Life,

There are only so many times a person can promise to be a better friend. It hurts me WAY more than it does you. So, we are no longer good friends. I can not sit around hoping you mean what you say. You've proven that you don't. Talk is cheap, & I'm worth more than that. The worst thing someone can do is lie to me, take me for granted, & disrespect me when I've done everything to deserve nothing but the utmost respect.

I hope "college life" is fun for you. You will never know what it means to work hard for something, & that is precisely why you are unhappy in life. This is YOUR decision, & I accept it. I forgive your ignorance. I forgive your actions. I forgive you. I can make it on my own :)

Here I Go Again..

Girl W/ a Mending Heart

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Oct. 9th, 2012


Broken Promises: A Ramble of Sorts

Do you ever get tired of broken promises? Tired of lies, tired of doing everything for someone & they just talk shit about you behind your back & expect you not to find out about it? Oh. Oh the world today. I am a better person than most people deserve. But I can be a bitch, too, so... if you push me too far then watch out :)

This dick-up-the-ass attitude has GOT to go. And if that means you have to go too? Well, I'm fine with that. Juuust fine :) More than fine. I'm grateful.

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Sep. 17th, 2012

JOY <3

As free as my hair - I swear.

Idk what's been going on with my hair lately, but it's been looking GOOD! The brown & red have really started to fade so I look way more blonde than I used to. It's growing (albeit not as fast as I'd prefer) but I'm 27 & still do not have ONE gray hair. No one can find one anyway, & my roots are visible by a half inch all over my head. I really want to go brown for the winter again but I just need to stick with one colour so my hair will go back to how it was when I lived in NY - long & silky & gorgeous. It's starting to get that way but it falls out a lot more than it used to. Either way, people at work have been saying how pretty I look lately. All I've done is part my hair differently but I guess that makes a huge difference. It could also be bc I haven't had to work with my "evil" boss lately so it's been nothing but fun times & joking around with my "good" bosses. Though I have a feeling "evil" boss will be there today since I haven't seen her in a while

I am already planning for my two month long hike next spring/summer. I will be hiking the PCT from Palm Springs to either the top of California or to Portland, OR. I can't decide. I will probably end my trip at the Bridge of the Gods, but I may make it only a one month trip & end early in the top of CA so I can spend the rest of the summer in LA with friends. We will see :) My main concern is a light pack & to stay warm up in the snow & rain. It shouldn't rain much in CA but it probably will in OR, & I hate being cold & wet Lmto.

I'm excited for the trip bc not only will it be a spiritual & mental journey (to overcome the darkness in my life & to help write my book) but also a physical journey - to become stronger, faster, smarter, to get off soda & sugar, to build up my endurance & muscle. I am so looking forward to it. It will make me a better person & ultimately a better barrel racer in the end :)

Well time to get ready for the day <3

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Sep. 9th, 2012

Walk On

Facebook?? Ugh.

So crazy. With the introduction of Facebook, I feel like the entire internet as somehow diminished itself. You have to search long and hard to attain that anonymity you once used to have online. Groups and journals and websites have all been replaced by facebook pages. I am not a fan of FB, MySpace, Twitter, or Tumblr. I miss the old days. LJ, Yahoo Groups and forums were where it was at :)

Aug. 16th, 2012

content :)


I love my LJ. Just saying :) I hate Facebook because it takes up so much of your time. I miss the days when everyone was on LJ updating constantly!!

May. 25th, 2012



OH. Ok. So. Two things just made me extremely happy. Do you know what they are? Well my darlings, I bet you can guess.

Feast your eyes on the ofllowing gems I discovered via complete accident:



And please make sure you check out my new BAD ASS user info, while you're at it :) HEY, don't be a jerk - Effie Trinket is the only thing getting me through my days.



Oh my god - what kind of world are we living in where my dreams ACTUALLY COME TRUE? I am going to go die now. COMPLETELY die now.

For those of you who are not Ashly, for a very long time now I have been saying the following:

Me: Shlyn, if Effie and Katniss make "Effiness" then, clearly, Peeta and Katniss must make "Peeniss"!!!!!"

Come on. The world is trying to make my dreams come true. I need to be more grateful, obviously!!

May. 24th, 2012


My Icon Is So Fitting...

My icon is so fitting to my mood. "Elsewhere", as I am, elsewhere. Elsewhere in mind, eslewhere in spirit - somewhere far away. I have been sucked back into my own world, my little imagination that means oh so very much to me.

I wish I could turn back time. I wish I could go back to when Xena episodes were new and I was dying to go to a convention and I was showing horses and riding all the time and going to dance class and memorizing monologues.

I would do it all over again if I could. I would do better in school. I would find a way to get into barrel racing. I would obsess less over Xena and other shows because it would hurt less knowing these people aren't real and aren't my friends.

I wouldn't go to New York, not because I didn't have a wonderful time there, but because I had too much of a wonderful time there. If I had known that leaving would have meant I would be depressed for the rest of my life, I would have sacrificed the happiest time of my life (which was NYC and LA) so that I would not be the saddest of my whole life now.

I miss my horse. I wish I could create a deeper connection with her. I'm lucky if I see her once a week. I wish I could just get on her and ride her all the way to LA. I wonder how long that would take. When I GET to LA, it's no problem. I'll have a place to keep her and jobs to support me. It's the GETTIING there that's expensive and improbably at the moment.

Enough rambling. I'll have a real update coming soon.
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May. 23rd, 2012


WAHOOIES Survey time beehotches.

SURVEY TIME!!! Stolen from mah guh marrythenight17

What do you have to shave more often: legs or arm pits?
I’m not really sure. I can usually go like two weeks without having to shave either.

Follow the yellow brick road...Collapse )

May. 22nd, 2012


I'm gagging...

I just have one thing to say...


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